Technical Specifications


All advertising material must be sent ready for publication. For changes made to any ads, design and layout charges will be added.
We would be happy to help you design your ad; please ask about our additional creative and design services.


Page: 23 x 29.7 cm (9" x 11.7"), minimum indention 3 mm each side.
Horizontal half page: 23 x 14.85 cm (9" x 5.85")
Vertical half page: 11.5 x 29.7 cm (4.5" x 11.7")


CD or DVD, compatible with Mac OS.
Accepted file formats:
Preferentially hi-res PDF format, with minimum image resolution 3000-DPI in CMYK.
No hidden layers or streams.
Alternatively, files generated by
Adobe Illustrator, Freeshand, QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw may
be admitted.
All files are to be sent along with their typographies and images in CMYK mode, minimum resolution 300 DPI, scale 1:1.
Absolutely all files must be Mac compatible.


Colour profiles:
For truer colours, we recommend that all digital photographic material be converted to CMYK, using the Euroscale v2 generic profile.
Print references:
all notices to be published must be submitted along with their corresponding MatchPrint or reference colour test.


Banners must be received in GIF, Flash or JPG format, animated or not, up to 15K.
The following banner formats are permitted:
Top - 460 x 100 pixels
Side - 228 x 80 pixels
Centre - 230 x 83 pixels
Our web design department will be delighted to help you to design your banner.


Photographs: In TIF, EPS, PSD or PHOTO CD format, on CD ROM, minimum resolution 300 DPI.
Only JPG format will be accepted by mail, with maximum quality factor, in RGB, resolution 300 DPI.
Texts: In Word, no tabulations, macros or other format scripts.